Apple sues NSO for spying on Pegasus malware

Apple sues NSO for spying on Pegasus malware

Apple has filed a lawsuit against the NSO, accusing the group of spying on iPhone users with the help of Pegasus malware. The complaint also provided information about how the group used iPhones and how they infiltrated them with the help of Pegasus spyware.

According to the YouWinFame Technology News Service, Apple's main effort is to ban the use of spyware developed by the group in order to protect users' data from possible misuse in the future. "NSO is funding unsupervised technologies, and we're looking to change that," said Grick Federicki, Apple's vice president of software. Given that Apple products are the top products in terms of security in the market.

Some companies spend millions of dollars to spy on some government-sponsored software. Which, of course, will ultimately create an insecure environment and threats to users' data. That is why we strive to strengthen the security and privacy of our users.

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Of course, Apple has not yet seen evidence of a remote cyber attack on users in newer updates. For this reason, it recommends to all users to update their mobile phones as soon as possible.

According to Ivan Krstic, Apple's security department, this situation shows Apple's opposition to the use of spyware. "The company is making great efforts to protect users, and this approach could send a message that the use of spyware under the auspices of governments is unacceptable," he said, referring to Apple's efforts to protect users against the most sophisticated cyber attacks. Is to follow.