Elon Musk is very interested in building a super sonic electric jet

Elon Musk is very interested in building a super sonic electric jet

Tesla CEO announced that in the future, the company intends to expand the scope of the company's activities beyond the production of self-driving cars. He expressed his desire to build an ultrasonic electric jet and said that these jets can use vertical take-off and landing technology after reaching high altitudes. Also, their speed with propulsion energy will reach 1236 kilometers per hour.

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According to the YouWinFame Technology News Service, elon Musk announced that he has not started the development of the next generation of aircraft just because of his busy schedule and backward work. In addition to managing Tesla, Musk now manages other tasks such as managing Noralink, SpaceX and Boring.

In a recent tweet, he expressed his eagerness to build an electric jet, saying, "I am very eager to build an electric jet, but if another project is added to my work, my brain will explode."

Earlier, Musk had spoken about his interest in making electric jets. Joe Rogen, for example, mentioned this in a podcast. He even described its conceptual designs.

Musk said he had designed an ultrasonic jet with vertical take-off and landing capabilities. The design of this jet is such that it can go up to the maximum height by using the energy density in the battery. Then the required energy in landscape mode will be very low. Even on Earth, gravitational potential energy can be used again.