Epic Games supports blockchain based games

Epic Games supports blockchain based games

Epic Games has officially announced that it will support blockchain-based games. Earlier, Steam had announced that it would not support these games on its platform.

Epic Games has announced the sale of blockchain-based games in its announcement, according to the YouWinFame Technology News Service. The company's competitor, Valve, has previously stated that it does not support games based on China Blockchain or NFT technology in its store.

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According to Epic Games, there are limitations to support these games, and the company will work to resolve them through negotiations with the developers. The company announced that all games on this platform are in accordance with the company's financial rules. So that all the policies related to the use of blockchain are described in it. Users and developers must also use their own payment systems to accept crypto currency.

Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney has previously spoken of his lack of support for NFTs. It seems that after accepting the rules of these games and how to use them, the company will explain to the developers. Following this, the CEO of the company also announced that Epic Games welcomes NFTs in the field of technology and finance without judgment. Currently, the acceptance of developer games on this platform is on a trial basis, and after review, they are offered for sale on this platform. Of course, Epic Games will also apply strictures.