Everything About SoundCloud

Everything About SoundCloud

Music is a big part of many people's daily entertainment. The variety of songs and their styles has made the taste of all interested people in this regard, and despite the specialized and popular sources in the field of music publishing, everyone can listen to their latest favorite songs. The "SoundCloud" application is also one of these references, which has a very large number of users. Then join us to introduce this application to you.

After connecting to the Internet, the first step to use the above program is to register in it, which is done through Google Plus and Facebook accounts or by entering a personal email. After logging in to "SoundCloud", the Stream page opens, which is initially empty because you have not yet selected any music to listen to and added it to your personal page. To view the songs, you must use the Explore option in the side menu of this Android application.

The Explore page consists of three tabs, each with a separate content display. The tab that is shown to the user by default is called MUSIC, which contains a list of the most recent songs along with the index image, song and singer name, as well as the number of times they have been heard by users. The content of the AUDIO section is different from MUSIC and includes podcasts and audio files on various topics such as books, education, technology or even humor.

In the GENERS tab, you can see the complete list of types of music styles or categories of audio files and select your favorite option to display the list related to it. Not bad to know that by touching and dragging different pages of "SoundCloud" down, their content will be updated.

Now it's time to listen to your favorite songs using this Android app. For this purpose, it is enough to point to the desired titles and wait for the song to load.

On the music player page, the duration of the song and the amount that has elapsed since the beginning, along with the signal range, the title of the song and the name of the singer can be seen. Each time you tap the screen, you can pause and play the music again, or switch between different parts of "SoundCloud" while listening to the song by touching the arrow above the image. In addition to liking, other features such as adding to playlist, sharing, reposting, posting comments, or viewing detailed song information such as likes, user comments, etc., in the bottom right corner menu The page is predicted.

After doing the things we mentioned, you can see the list of current music in the Stream section. Also, if you like titles or add them to your playlist, they will be displayed in the Likes and Playlists sections, respectively. In addition, by touching your username in the side menu,

general information about your account and activity will be visible in various tabs, including INFO, POSTS, PLAYLISTS, LIKES, FOLLOWING and FOLLOWERS. The ability to follow users on "SoundCloud" has made it a specialized social network related to music. High-performance search tools, the ability to easily move between songs by swiping the screen or playback bar left and right and display the stop and play buttons in the mobile status bar, are other useful features of this Android application.

"SoundCloud" also has two useful widgets that you can activate on the mobile home screen, one to play and the other to record songs.

If you touch the hardware menu button, options such as Who to follow, Activity report, Voice recorder and post as a new post on personal page (Record) and Settings are available.

The most important options in the settings section are: Notifications: Specify the items for which you want to receive notifications, along with the time period for displaying notifications Analytics and Crashlogs: By activating these two options, application developers can report errors that occur while working with it To prepare falls and check the level of activity and visits of users. Only update data over wifi: Allow content update only if connected to WiFi Clear application cache: Clears data stored by the application in cache that frees up RAM space.

The standard and streamlined user interface, along with the many features and enhancements we mentioned, is the main reason why SoundCloud is so popular with millions of users. We hope you music lovers join this large gathering and listen to your favorite songs using this Android app. Finally, it should be noted that you can also visit the SoundCloud website and use its services.