Everything you need to know about Likee app

Everything you need to know about Likee app

With the spread of high speed internet all over the world in recent years, the desire of users to create and share content has increased significantly. This has made applications developed for the release of short videos extremely popular and in a short time, break the download records. In this article, we want to introduce a likee to you in full, so stay tuned to YouWinFame until the end of the article.

What is Likee app?

The Likee app, formerly known as LIKE, is one such software; BIGO Technology is available for Android and iOS mobile operating systems and aims to provide features for creating and sharing short videos.

Using the features provided, you can upload your videos to servers and then add various items such as filters, stickers and music to them. Finally, you can share the video on your page and gradually gain a significant number of followers; Something that, if it happens, can change your life.

Other key features of the program include a unique algorithm that allows you to find the videos in the fastest possible time and very easily. Meanwhile, the creators have promised that by downloading and installing the program, you can get acquainted with tens of millions of celebrities and famous artists. Most importantly, you can find friends who have a like app installed on their mobile phone and ironically are not far from where you live.

Likee is a combination of Instagram and TikTok

In general, likee can be considered a combination of Instagram and TikTok, an issue that has ironically led to its very high popularity among young users, especially teenagers and young adults. According to official statistics, BIGO Technology's product currently has more than 500 million users, and its growing trend continues unabated.

Basic acquaintance with the like application

Due to the high popularity of Like, Iranian websites have also made this program available for download. However, we recommend that you download this app directly from your operating system store. We have put a link to download likes on different platforms for you:

Download likee from Google Play for Android phones

Download likee from the App Store for iPhones

After completing the download and installation, you can browse the various sections of the program, but access to the main features such as following, liking, creating or joining the group, requires logging in or registering. To register, tap on the human-like icon in the upper left corner. In this section, you can create a completely new account using your SIM card or use your account on Instagram, Facebook and VK for activity.

If you choose to register using the SIM card, a six-digit code will be sent to you shortly after entering the number one. This code is sent to confirm the number and must be written in the same order in the box. Going through this not-so-complicated process will give you access to all sections. In the following, we will briefly introduce the important sections.

Introducing the important parts of Likee

Popular: Shows popular high-profile videos.

Latest: Shows videos that have just been uploaded to likee.

Global: In this section, videos are categorized based on the nationality of the user who posted it.

Live: Videos that are playing live. This feature is similar to Instagram Live.

Home: In this section, videos are divided into different categories to make it easier to search among them.

Magic: The main part of the program that allows the user to produce attractive videos.

Following: The people you follow.

Fans: Those who follow you.

Level: The number in this section indicates your level. The higher your level, the more video creation possibilities you have. To earn points and raise your level, you must have a lot of continuous activity and invite your friends to use likee.

Moments: New posts from people you follow.

Nearby: With this feature you can find people who live around you and use likee.

Messages: In this section you can see your sent and received messages.

Record and edit videos using the likee

Due to the fact that Likee software is fully developed with the focus on video production, it is expected that there will be a lot of capabilities to produce and edit all kinds of videos. Fortunately, the creators of this program have a full understanding of this issue and have provided various capabilities to the users of the likee program. In the following, we will introduce the sections and options that are needed to record and edit video in Likee.

Select Music: You must use this option to put music on the video.

Switch: This option changes the camera between the selfie and the main.

Time: Thanks to this option, you can set a timer to start video recording and specify the duration of each clip.

Speed: This option allows you to set the video recording speed. Note that the appropriate speed varies on different mobile phones. Therefore, select all to find the best option.

Ratio: Specifies the dimensions of the video.

Beauty: This section has provided the possibility of beautiful and clear skin as well as narrowing the face and eyes.

Filter: This option allows you to change the color of the video. For example, you can make it black and white.

Stickers: This section includes all kinds of effects that are intended to beautify or increase the attractiveness of the face. For example, the Colorful Hair option allows you to dye your hair the color you want, or one of the effects in the Funny section puts a large fish on your head. The options available in this section are many and you can use any depending on your taste. Note that the options in this section are not included with the program and must be downloaded or so-called downloaded before use.

Upload: By touching this option, you are sent to the gallery and from there you can use one of the videos on your phone memory to make changes.

Magic: As the name implies, this section gives you magical possibilities for making videos, the most important of which is 4D Magic. This feature includes pre-made special effects that can be integrated with videos. Existing effects include flying and appearing from within a portal. Alternatively, you can change the video background and choose the space, street, snow forest, etc.

Masks: Masks are graphic effects that are placed on the faces of people in the camera frame; Effects that are ironically the most popular feature of the program. Existing masks include animal ears and noses, words, artificial makeup, and decorations such as crowns and rhinestones. In the meantime, you can make your own mask, but its use in the program is subject to the approval of the likee staff. Important conditions for approval, non-duplication and high quality are mentioned.

Privacy in the Likee app

When you sign up for a Likee, your account is public by default and everyone has access to it. As expected, you can deactivate your account from public to private so that only followers can watch videos and live. Also, be sure to turn off the location so that no one knows where you are from.

Other options in the Likee that are intended to respect privacy include disabling the ability to write comments for videos, the ability to send messages and the ability to save the video by others.

How to delete a likee account?

To delete an account, you need to go to the Setting program and then touch the Manage Account option. By doing this, you will be presented with two options: Link Account and Delete Account. The second option will get you what you want. Of course, the program will ask you for the account password to make sure that the owner of the account intends to delete it.

What do parents need to know about the Likee app?

If you read the terms and conditions of the Likee service, you will find that this program is suitable for people over 16 years old. For people under the age of 16, it is also recommended that parents have special supervision over the user's actions. There are several reasons for this, which we will discuss below. One of the reasons why liking is not suitable for young users is the ability to send messages. Strangers can easily and directly talk to users and talk to them without any obstacles; This action may cause problems in the future.

The second reason is the ability to store content. In other words, the user can save the video published in Likee and then share it on other social networks such as Instagram. Therefore, this platform is by no means suitable for publishing private videos. The third and final reason is related to the type of content that is shared by thousands upon thousands of users daily. Unfortunately, the rules are not very practical and people can share videos focusing on different topics; Videos that are definitely not suitable for young people.

Follow Likee and start your activity in it

Finally, it is recommended that if your child has this app installed on their smartphone, you should have special supervision over it. However, the Likee app is a powerful social network that, thanks to its interesting features, can be considered a popular platform for your leisure and entertainment. Also, if you want to work on your branding staff by making fun videos, a likee app can be one of your choices.