Everything you need to know about Twitch

Everything you need to know about Twitch

Twitch started in 2011 and quickly became one of the most popular video streaming services for computer game fans. Of course, this efficient service now has a series of its own, many live programs are performed on it, and various artists in the field of music also perform there.

In the following, we have prepared a post to introduce those who are not familiar with Twitch to a great extent, so stay with us.

How popular is Twitch?

Twitch is currently one of the most popular streaming services in the world, with more than 2 million streams per month, of which 17,000 generate revenue through their streams and partnerships with Twitch. These revenue streams include various advertisements and paid users for streamers and include ancillary revenue. Of course, in 2014, Amazon bought Twitch and made a worthwhile investment in the service.

Where can you watch Twitch?

You can watch this service on almost any device that has a monitor. From the official website and any browser you want to go through apps for iOS, Android, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3 and 4, Amazon Far, Google Chromecast, Rocco, Nvidia Shield and more. You can watch most streams without subscribing to the service, but you should subscribe to it for features such as list building, tracking people, and almost anything other than watching video.

Find Twitch streamers to watch their videos

Twitch introduces you to many streamers on the front page. But one good way to find different streamers is to go to the category and use the to-do list. Also, if you are looking for game-specific streams, you can also find special streamers from game names. You should also not forget that many popular Twitter streamers are very active on Twitter and you can find them on various game hashtags.

Twitch provides you with more game-related streams

Twitch may have become so popular because of its gaming streams, but over time, other aspects have been covered by the service's streamers, and as a result, various users have joined Twitch. One of the most popular Twitch features that non-gamers use is called IRL. This service allows streamers to chat live with their visitors. Animators, game developers, cosplayers and graphic designers are also very active on Twitch these days.

Is Twitch a social network?

Twitch may not have been such a service in the beginning, but with the addition of various features, it can now be considered a social network. Where users can follow each other, send private messages, each stream has a dedicated chat room, and a timeline such as Twitter is provided for each user. Given that all of these features are also available in the mobile app, Twitch has become fully competitive with social networks and on the other hand competes with popular video sites such as YouTube.

Do Streamers Really Make Money Through Twitch?

The short answer to this question is yes. Of course, not all streamers make enough money to quit their job, but there are many streamers whose job it is to make videos for their audiences and make good money that way. There are several ways to monetize Twitch, the direct way is to get paid users to show some videos, Twitch ads and of course get a sponsor. To do this, you must first have many followers, You can easily buy 100% Real Followers Right Now!

What is TwitchCon?

TwitchCon is a gathering of Twitch fans and streamers that takes place in September or October each year. The gathering is being held at the expense of Twitch and in 2017, a crowd of nearly 40,000 people attended.