Facebook and its unique features

Facebook and its unique features

Facebook was one of the most popular social networks in the early 21st century. Of course, many people are still active in this network; But this time can not be compared with the peak period when it covered the whole world and attracted all young people. Billions of people were members of Facebook and used its features. You probably know who created Facebook and how?
Yes!! This fascinating program was created by a young genius who dropped out of Harvard University and wanted to make his dreams come true. He was none other than the young Mark Zuckerberg, whose fame spread throughout the world. This social network was created in 2004. Since 2006, anyone over the age of 13 has been able to register with a valid email. Join me in Rivand to get acquainted with one of the most popular internet programs in the world.

What is Facebook?

As mentioned, Facebook was created in 2004 and day by day it was able to develop its various sections and increase its benefits. In 2007, the program created a section called Facebook Platform so that programmers could build applications on the network.
In this network, it is also possible to perform activities such as live video streaming (such as live Instagram), sharing videos and photos with others, earning money, marketing companies' products, sending personal posts, forming groups, and so on. Many people enter this program no matter why they want to use it. But the fact is that you need to know your purpose in entering this network.
This program has a lot of attractive features that will be interesting for everyone. But it is better to know that besides entertainment activities and chatting with others, other things can be done. Having a business and high income is one of the great things that this network has made possible. But you should know how to use this position. First of all, we will teach you how to log in to Facebook and register on it.

How to register on Facebook

1- Open the browser and enter the main Facebook site, ie facebook.com.
2- First, enter the required information in the boxes and double your password.
3- Click on the phrase Sign Up and enter your mobile number.

4- Enter the code that is sent to this number in the relevant box.
5- In the next step, you can easily find your friends on Facebook. In this case, all you have to do is enter your email address in the box and click Find Friends. Of course, passing this stage is also allowed. In this case, skip this step.
6. You can enter information about your place of study and job. Complete this section or skip it by selecting Skip.
7- By entering your educational information, friends will be introduced to you. You can select them by selecting the Add Friend option.

8- There are other steps that you can skip.
9- Choose a photo for your profile.
10. You will receive an email from Facebook that contains an email verification code. Perform the confirmation operation.
11. Congratulations. You now have access to all the features of Facebook.

As you can see, logging in to Facebook is very easy and you can easily register on Facebook. You can also download Facebook for PC and easily access your account with the new software available. It is also possible to use this network on mobile. Then download Advanced Facebook for mobile and easily access your account. If necessary, you can also use Facebook Lite.

Delete Facebook account

You may want to close or delete your account permanently after logging in to Facebook. In this section, we will teach you the steps of deleting a Facebook account. This is very easy to do and does not involve complicated steps.

1- Log in to your Facebook account.
2- Then enter the page related to deleting the account. If you do not currently have an account or have logged out, log in to your account first.

3- Click on the buttons that are blue and have the phrase Delete My Account written on them.
4- Then you are asked to write the password and the code shown in the relevant box.
5- After completing these steps, your account will be deleted.

If you want to reactivate Facebook, you only have 2 weeks after this time. Otherwise the account will be closed and deleted forever. Keep in mind that you can deactivate your account for a short time before closing it completely.
Just go to Settings and then General and select Manage your account. Then deactivate your account by tapping the Deactivate your account section. After that you can easily log in to your account and activate it. It is interesting to know that before deleting your account, you have the possibility to have all your images and data. In this case, enter the settings and click the Start My Archive section.

Different sections of the Facebook home page

The Facebook page includes the activities of your friends in this network. You can see the texts and images they have posted. In general, this part consists of several different parts.

Friendship Request: This section shows people requesting a friendship with you.
Messages: Messages sent to you by your friends or other users can be seen in this section. These messages are completely private.
Announcements: There is another section called Announcements. This section shows the relationship of friends or other users with you and your posts. For example, it shows you liking and posting comments. Inviting you to events and tagging you on an image is also displayed in this section.
Search bar: The search bar is also used to find other people, new friends, group types, and more.
Profile: You can click on your profile and enter it. Also change your profile picture.
Find friends: Find your friends in the Find Friends section.
Security and Privacy: Use the lock icon for your security and privacy settings.
Settings: A gear icon is displayed which is the same as the settings.

Publisher section

There is a section called Publisher that allows users to post. The simple texts that are published are called statuses. Of course, you can also send photos, videos, links and more. The information posted will be recorded in your profile.
In this column you can also see other events such as friendship offers, events, ads and.. The birthday of your friends is also specified in this section. Facebook identifies you based on your interests and offers suggestions based on that.

Interestingly, the people you introduce as People You May Know are people you really know. This usually happens on Instagram as well. The News Feed section under the Publisher name section shows new posts and any activities related to your friends.

Chat section

Chatting on Facebook is very easy. There is a chat button on this network that allows you to talk to any of your friends. In the tick section, you can also see the new activities of your friends at the moment.

Check profile page

The section of your profile, also known as the timeline, completely records your activities. Any information and specifications you have entered will be seen in this section. Everything you publish can be seen in the timeline section. It doesn't matter if the image, link or video. It is also possible to send posts to you in your friends' timeline. Easily enter your profile and see your information with one click.

Profile image

Each person has their own profile picture. If you choose your image correctly and honestly, your friends will find you easily. Also try to use quality and beautiful images. Miscellaneous photos such as flowers and landscapes are not suitable. If you want to change your image, you can click or click on it and upload another image. Choose a large cover photo next to your profile. You can choose another one of your pictures.

Of course, it is better to choose a photo related to your interests, job, landscape image, and so on. To change this image, just click on Change Cover and select one from Choose from photos or Upload photo. If you select the first option, you must select an image from among your previous Facebook photos.

Otherwise you can choose a new photo. If you do not want to put the cover image at all, select the Remove option. You can see the general information you entered in the cover section. In the About section you can edit or add some information.

Favorites section

You can see your Favorites bar or Favorites bar on the right side of the General Information section. In this section you will have a shortcut to pictures, friends list, your favorite pages, events and.. Everything you like about your activity can be seen in this section. You can add various sections to this section.

Account settings

Everyone probably needs to make some adjustments to their account. For example, he likes to change his password, choose how to receive notifications, and manage other things. These items are easily controllable and can be done through the settings section. Just go to the Settings section with the gear icon and select Account Settings. In the following, we will examine the different sections of this section.

1- General: In the first part, you can see a section called General in which general items such as username, email and.... You can choose the language you want.

2- Security: This section has features such as security question, activating SSL for more security, sending notifications when logging in to the account and..
3- Privacy: In this section, it is possible to change or adjust some items related to privacy. You can make settings so that others can access your information or not.
4- Notifications: Any important notifications on Facebook are sent to people via email. For example, someone may send you a friend request. In this case, you will receive it by email. Of course, you can turn off notifications.
5- Download section: There is a great possibility in the General section. That is, you can have all the information on your computer. Just use the link at the bottom of the page that appears as a download a copy.

Facebook Messenger

You can send photos and videos to your friends and enjoy through this program. The features of this app are excellent and completely protect the privacy of users. It is also possible to chat and talk easily.

At the End...

In this article, you got acquainted with one of the most famous and popular social networks in the world and learned how to create a Facebook account. Facebook was the first network to spread around the world, reaching more than 2 billion active users. No network has been so ubiquitous and popular.
If you want to start a business on a global or at least national platform, Facebook can be a good choice. Of course, it is better to advertise your page on other networks such as Instagram, Twitter and..