Facebook messenger cross-app for group chats with Instagram friends

Facebook messenger cross-app for group chats with Instagram friends

Facebook has finally made it possible to create group chats between Instagram and Messenger users between the two apps. With this update, Facebook seems to have taken a big step towards syncing apps.

All Instagram and Messenger group users who jointly use these two applications can use this feature by registering their request.

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Facebook says about the new feature: With this update, users will be able to group chat between Instagram and Messenger audiences. Also in this experience, users can chat with themes and other personalization reactions.

In this update, in addition to the mentioned feature, new features have been considered for the Facebook messenger application. With this update, users can participate in polls related to the joint groups of these two applications. Another feature added to Messenger is for people typing in groups.

Of course, it is not clear yet whether this feature is also available on Instagram or not. "Users can interact better with other people they interact with," Facebook says of group chats and the same controls for managing users. It will also be easier to use settings like people who call you.

Facebook's first priority is to add new and fun features as well as maintain the security and privacy of its users. The Watch Together feature on Facebook also allows users to watch various videos with their friends via Instagram feed.