Instagram\'s new feature helps teens use the platform less

Instagram\'s new feature helps teens use the platform less

Instagram's new feature called Rest will help teen users stay away from the social network for a while. In addition, by encouraging these users, it prevents the use of inappropriate content for these people.

According to the technology news service of YouWinFame, Facebook has recently received accusations from people about the addiction of users to Instagram, and for this purpose, the company has introduced a new feature to prevent harm to teenagers. According to a report published by CNN, Nick Clegg, Facebook's vice president for global affairs, announced a new feature for less teenage users to use the Instagram platform.

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Of course, it is not yet clear when this feature will be available. But the purpose of making it is to reduce addiction to social networks or other unhealthy behaviors. Of course, Clegg did not comment on Facebook's approach to keeping teen users away from inappropriate content. "In the future, a feature will be introduced by which all users and their viewed content will be reviewed, and if teens have seen inappropriate content many times, they will be directed to view other content," he said.

The company now has a new mechanism in place to alleviate these concerns. Previously, Facebook continued to direct children to this content by learning about malicious algorithms. Also, no attempt is made to combat the spread of hatred. Is profitability more important to the company than user safety?