Is IGTV better or post? (Full review of the advantages and disadvantages of each)

Is IGTV better or post? (Full review of the advantages and disadvantages of each)

Instagram is one of the best social media platforms for video content; But with the introduction of new features, it becomes very difficult to distinguish between video options. When you want to share a video on Instagram, you can share it as Reels, igtv or slide videos. In the following, we will examine whether Igtv is better or post as well as Reels.

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Is Igtv better or post?

Of course, if you are an active user on Instagram, you know that videos have the greatest impact on attracting the audience and increasing sales. But there are different ways to post a video on Instagram. Now the question that may come to your mind is which method is more suitable for posting a video? And which method leads to increased traffic and sales? Do not miss the rest of this article to find the answers to these questions.

Which IGtv or Reels or slideshow is right for me?

First, let's start by defining each of the options, then examine the advantages and disadvantages of each to choose the best option with an open mind.

Feed slideshow

A regular post is a video that you share in your profile and is displayed in the main feeds of your followers. This is a "standard" option that for a while was the only way you could share video content on Instagram. Videos in this location can take up to a minute.

Reels Videos

Rails is a relatively short video feature that mimics the TikTok platform. This option allows you to have a 30-second video consisting of one or more edited clips. Like TikTok, you can add music, text, subtitles, and visual effects directly to your video clips.

Instagram TV (IGTV)

Finally, igtv is the latest video format that allows long content to be delivered; The allowable duration of IGTV is 15 minutes for normal users and 60 minutes for users with many followers. IGTV is more comparable to YouTube than any other short video platform.

Which mode is better for my video?

Each of the above modes has its own advantages, if used at the right time and place. Also, if we use them in inappropriate conditions, their effectiveness will be minimized and we will not be able to achieve the desired result. Here are the pros and cons of each video format to know when to choose between Reels, igtv or slide videos.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Typical Post Feed

Benefits of feed

Better interaction with current audiences: A typical post is a classic video option and plays an important role in the Instagram video ecosystem. If someone clicks on your profile and browses your content, your video will be readily available for viewing and interacting with. These posts work well when your goal is to engage with your current audience rather than potentially attract new audiences. Also, if you have just started working in this social network and you want to attract more followers and sales, you can attract the attention and trust of your audience more by buying a custom comment.

High audience attraction: The types of content that work well in a regular post include promotional videos, descriptive videos, interviews with founders or employees, product introductory videos, and any other content that will appeal to your current followers.
Disadvantages feed

Time limit: In normal posts, you can not upload video longer than 60 seconds; Therefore, it is not possible to go into details.
Low attractiveness for new audiences: Since it is not possible to explain further and go into enough detail in this format, new audiences are less likely to interact with it.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Reels

Benefits of Reels

Shorter content catches the eye: more than two-thirds of people prefer to watch a movie for less than 60 seconds. It is no secret that the average user does not have a long focus on social media. Because Rails videos should be less than a minute long, viewers will likely pause and watch your video to the end.

In-app editing capability: Videos in Reels, unlike igtv videos or regular slideshows, are created entirely with editing features, sounds, and effects. If you prefer more advanced video tools, you can edit in another app and upload the final product to Instagram. However, Reels built-in tools are overly effective and can be very convenient.

Visibility: Because Reels has its own tab in the Instagram app, it is very likely that someone who is not following you will see you while browsing. In addition, Reels videos are displayed in user feeds like other posts and can be shared in other people's stories.
Disadvantages of Reels

Not good for details: The downside of short-term Reels is that they are not ideal for conveying accurate information. For example, a quick, three-step skin care routine may be great as a Reels; But it is not suitable for a complete and comprehensive discussion.

It's hard to be entertaining: Instagram supports rails that are entertaining or funny; But creating this content all the time can be tedious. Given Instagram's marketing strategy, trying too hard to keep Reels entertained can affect your marketing team. Good Rails can help you increase your visibility more than igtv or regular slide videos, so try to combine influential content well with your marketing.

Advantages and disadvantages of using IGTV
Benefits of igtv

Better for longer content or interviews: IGTV movies are ideal for long-term content, such as product screenings, interviews, or panel discussions. The time it takes to give brands the opportunity to produce more informative content than Reels.

Series sorting capability: You can set IGTV videos as a set in your profile, which is a useful tool if you have a large number of IGTV videos. This feature can also be useful for visitors to your profile who are looking for information on a particular topic.

Desktop sendable: The web version of Instagram is only useful for browsing posts because you can't upload anything to the app. However, IGTV movies can be sent from your computer, which will be very useful if you edit them on your computer before sending. In addition, uploading them from the desktop allows you to upload up to 60 minutes of video. If you want to send via mobile, the maximum support time is 15 minutes.
Disadvantages of igtv

Click for full view: Like Reels, IGTV videos can be shown in your followers' feeds, but because they are long, users can only watch part of the video and must click to continue. This causes many to stop watching the video completely, and this is a negative feature compared to regular posts.

In-app editing is not possible: Most of the IGTV content you submit will most likely be long enough to be worthy of an editing program, but for your simpler videos, the lack of in-app editing can be problematic. igtv or slide videos are deprived of this feature.

Less Visibility: Like Reels, IGTV does not have its own tab. IGTV has its own program where users can watch videos of people who are not watching; But Instagram is not nearly as popular as the app itself.

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Concluding remarks

Now that you know the pros and cons of IGTV or slide videos as well as Reels; You can publish a video according to your needs in this social network with ease and in accordance with your needs. It should be noted that to be seen more on social networks, you can use our other services such as buying real followers  and increasing the followers of Clubhouse for more information about each of them, contact to the YouWinFame support team.

IGTV related questions or slide videos

Which of the following video formats has the longest duration on Instagram?
If you send video from the desktop, the igtv format can display videos for a maximum of 60 minutes, and if sent by mobile phone, 15 minutes.

What is the best format for posting videos on Instagram?
Each format is designed for a specific purpose. In general, the Reels format is suitable for entertaining content, the igtv format for educational and long content, and regular posts for advertising.

Which format is effective for attracting followers?
The Reels format plays a greater role in attracting followers than other options due to its attractive content and ease of access.