New Google applications for user data protection and cyber security

New Google applications for user data protection and cyber security

According to Google, the company will soon offer new programs to increase the security of high-risk users against cyber attacks.

According to the technology and technology news service Tekna, Google yesterday announced the attack of the Russian government hacker group APT28 on 14,000 Gmail users. The company also said that there are countless cyber attacks on special groups and individuals, forcing the company's teams to identify and stop the activities of cybercriminals.

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Google said in a blog post: "We will be very pleased to work with other organizations to provide more protection to high-risk workgroups." This collaboration will help us to easily achieve the most advanced security in the world by knowing the needs of these users.

By promoting its advanced protection program called APP, Google intends to work with organizations around the world to strengthen its protection against specific attacks. By the end of 2021, free security keys will be available to more than 10,000 users.

Google Advanced Protection is designed for specific individuals and groups but is available to everyone. According to the company, the accounts of certain users such as officials, political campaigns, human rights activists and journalists are also protected against widespread online attacks such as phishing and malware or malicious downloads.