NVIDIA\'s new AI produces simple photo expressions

NVIDIA\'s new AI produces simple photo expressions

With the help of deep learning model method and using GauGAN2 artificial intelligence, real images can be made from simple text writings. This allows you to convert multiple words into different scenes.

Deep learning with Nvidia GauGAN2 AI allows users to create engaging images and scenes. According to the company, to use this feature, it is enough to use terms such as sunset. This AI will automatically provide the result for you.

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Even if the words used change, the displayed image will change at the same time with the help of Competitive Generating Networks (GAN) system. According to Nvidia, artificial intelligence uses fragmented mapping to produce and convert phrases into images with the help of a single model and its combination, making it a powerful tool for producing images through words. The purpose of its production was to use artificial intelligence to turn artists' imaginations into quality images.

"Users can capture an imaginary scene using a short phrase and typing it," says Nvidia. In this way, the key parts and the main theme of the image will be visible. Then more personalization can be done on the image. It is also possible to use this technology by visiting the GauGAN2 demo website.