Remove 200 malicious applications from Google Play

Remove 200 malicious applications from Google Play

Google recently removed about 200 malicious applications that have been downloaded more than 10 million times from Google Play. The company's new report shows that these applications have cost users millions of dollars so far.

Google has prevented countless users from becoming victims by removing more than 100 malicious applications. According to Google, these applications have been downloaded by more than 10 million users and have caused millions of dollars in damage.

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A security company called Zimperium said that in November last year, hackers were able to infect a large number of Android phones through fraudulent activities. The hackers also released their infected applications under the names Handy Translator Pro, Heart Rate, Pulse Tracker and Bus-Metrolis 2021.

So that after installation, many notifications were sent to the user. In these notifications, the user was asked to confirm his phone number to receive the prize. After that, the award page was loaded with the in-app browser and the malicious codes were executed separately from the main program. Meanwhile, after sending their phone number, the user allows these attackers to receive $ 42 per month through special SMS services. Something like a charity money transfer service for digital payments.

According to security researchers, the interesting thing about the combination of these methods has been their significant impact, which has already been very common among Play Store malware. The attack on Android users was observed in more than 70 countries, and by examining their IP address, it was determined where their geographical location is in the world.

The hackers even matched the displayed page with the same language of the country to convince the user. Zimperium is a member of the App Defense Alliance, which has formed a coalition to protect the Play Store from malware.