Samsung Galaxy S22; No borders and with a wider screen

Samsung Galaxy S22; No borders and with a wider screen

New images released recently from the Samsung Galaxy S22 show that the screen is wider than previous models and will be offered almost borderlessly.

According to the technology news service of YouWinFame, Samsung has delayed the launch of the Galaxy S22 due to the earlier release of the Galaxy S21. But unofficial images of the new Galaxy S family phone have been released, which reveal information about the screen of this phone. According to GSM Arena, the published images are related to the design of the front of the Galaxy S22 and S22 Plus.

Of course, these pictures are related to the glass protectors of this phone. The design of these glass cases provides information about the dimensions of the screen as well as the general design of this phone.

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By comparing these images with the S21 generation phones, we can see the slightly rounder corners and the wider width of the new generation. We also see much smaller and symmetrical edges around the screen. Of course, these comments are made only with the help of screensavers, and in the end may be a little misleading.

The S22 Plus has a 6.6-inch display and a selfie camera under the display. Of course, this information about the S22 Ultra is not correct and no information has been obtained about this phone. The S22 and S22 Plus will likely both feature a 50-megapixel main camera.

These phones use Samsung Exynos 2200 processor and AMD graphics card is also used in it. Of course, this hardware information is relevant to global markets, and the Chinese and American versions may use Qualcomm's flagship. The charger of all three models is 25 watts and will use a 4500 mAh battery. The Ultra model is also equipped with an S Pen in its body. The battery of this phone will probably be 5000 mAh and more than the previous generation.