Samsung has a serious problem in producing new folding phones

Samsung has a serious problem in producing new folding phones

High demand for Samsung folding phones such as the Galaxy Fold 3 and Galaxy Z Philip 3 shows Samsung's fundamental problem in supplying the chip to suppliers.

According to youwinfame Technology News Service, Samsung folding phones were able to gain special popularity among users. Demand for the Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Z Philip 3 has broken the fold record. Of course, the demand continues. According to a report released by Sam Mobile, Samsung is facing a chip supply problem to supply this number of phones. So that it can not increase supply as demand.

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The company is focused on the production of many folding phones. But it will not be possible to provide it to the customer. The global shortage of chips has affected all mobile phone companies, and Samsung is one of those companies that has not been able to meet the demand of users with the supply of clamshell phones.

According to the published news, Samsung has given priority to the supply of folding phones over its other phones. However, customers still have to wait a month to receive the phone. On the other hand, it is not possible to predict the demand for new folding phones, and all these problems have created dissatisfaction.