Telegram announced the launch of its advertising platform

Telegram announced the launch of its advertising platform

The Telegram advertising platform was officially unveiled and is now in beta. The social network, which now has 500 million active users, announced that the Telegram advertising platform can be used in channels of more than a thousand members, and that ads with a maximum of 160 characters can be displayed.

According to the technology news service of YouWinFame, the advertising messages that can be used in the channels will be only with the subject of public channels. For this reason, user data is not used by this social network and all users of a channel are able to see the same ads.

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Advertisers can also choose the appropriate language depending on the type of channel and its subject. It is possible to display ads on different channels selectively. Telegram was able to use this feature in addition to advertising to provide privacy.

The company also announced that not all people who use ads will be tracked and the company does not categorize them. There are no external links in these ads and therefore spying will not be possible. This advertising platform will be made available to the public after passing the pilot phase.