The definitive reason for Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp

The definitive reason for Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp

The social networks WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and the Amazon website and Google search engine have been disrupted worldwide.

Hours ago, the social networks Instagram, Facebook and WhatsApp were disrupted and are still ongoing. Definitely, Instagram, Facebook and WhatsApp are hitting the world economy more than $ 160 million an hour.

In an interview with the New York Times, Facebook officials said it was not a cyber-attack disorder.

The sharp fall of the shares of some social networks continues after a disruption and a few hours of interruption, no additional explanation has been provided about this disruption and the exact time for solving the problem has not been announced.

Reuters news agency also reported: Security experts say that Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp were interrupted due to a configuration error that caused them not to have access to Facebook's servers. This could be due to an internal error, but it could also be sabotage by someone inside the company.

in the meantime; WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook, all three of which are owned by Facebook and share the same infrastructure, were completely shut down hours ago, The Independent reported. Other products that are part of the Facebook family, including Facebook Police, also stopped working.

Users of the Facebook web version saw an error page or message indicating that their browser could not connect to the app. WhatsApp and Instagram apps continue to work, but new content, including messages sent or received, is not synced. Facebook disruptions are relatively rare, but they have a huge impact on the world's three largest apps.

Facebook often does not comment on the causes of the problem, and even after the problems are resolved, it is reluctant to explain them. In 2019, for example, it experienced its biggest blackout in years, saying only that "a problem" had arisen during the "normal maintenance operation."

Amazon, Google and Twitter are also affected

User reports indicate that Amazon's website, Google's search engine and Twitter messenger have also been disrupted, Reuters reported.

The TikTok messenger was also disrupted

Reuters reports that user reports indicate that China TickTalk messenger has also been disrupted.

Estimating financial losses due to Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram
According to calculations made by NetBlocks, every hour that Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram are disconnected, the global economy loses about $ 160 million.