The Kid\'s Instagram project was stopped under the pressure of critics

The Kid\'s Instagram project was stopped under the pressure of critics

According to Reuters, Instagram has temporarily stopped developing a new app for children. The action of this app belongs to Facebook while there was a lot of criticism of the project.

Children's Instagram was developing as an app that parents' permission was a condition of membership. The service was also supposed to publish non-advertising, child-friendly content, but US lawmakers and child protection groups called on the social network to stop developing it due to safety concerns.

"Unless Facebook completely stops the project, we will continue to put pressure on the company," said Josh Gulin, chief executive of Fair Play.

Instagram said in a blog post that app development for children was the right process, but we have temporarily stopped working and continue to develop parental monitoring tools.

The fact is that children have already entered the online space, and we believe that developing a suitable service that is specific to them is better for parents than the current situation.

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The statement also said that versions of YouTube (owned by Alphabet) and TikTok (owned by Byte Dance) have been developed for children under 13 years of age.

Meanwhile, four Democrats in the US House of Representatives, including Ed Markey and Richard Blumenthal, said yesterday that they were satisfied with Facebook's decision, but that a pause in the development of the children's app was not enough.

Earlier this month, the Wall Street Journal published a report containing data showing that Instagram has a devastating effect on teens, especially teenage girls, and that Facebook has made little effort to address this challenge. Facebook misread this report this week.

In 2017, Facebook launched an app called Messenger Kids, which was a messaging platform for children under 13 and was controlled by a parent account.