The Meta brand name has been added to the new beta version of WhatsApp

The Meta brand name has been added to the new beta version of WhatsApp

After Facebook changed its name to Meta, all subsidiaries, such as WhatsApp and Instagram, became part of the parent company, Meta. For this reason, the beta version of WhatsApp also includes a witness to this change and uses the term WhatsApp from Meta.

According to the technology news service of YouWinFame, quoted by WABetaInfo, the beta version of WhatsApp number includes the phrase from Meta, which is written at the bottom of this application. Previously, Facebook added the phrase from Facebook to the bottom of its app page.

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Now, a year later, it has changed its name to Metavers. Even the phrase WhatsApp from Facebook has been removed from the bottom of the settings page. The ability to rate messages received from commercial accounts will also be provided in the new beta version.

This feature was added to evaluate the performance of corporate employees so that companies can rank their employees according to scoring. It is not possible to specify a scorer in this feature. Even WhatsApp itself cannot see the content of the messages.

"According to the plan, we are going to have a new brand that will cover all the activities of this company," Mark Zuckerberg said at the Facebook rebranding ceremony. The brand will also represent the identity and products made by the company.