The new Instagram feature asks users to take a break

The new Instagram feature asks users to take a break

A new feature of Instagram called Take a Break will be provided to the users of this social network on a trial basis.

According to YouWinFame Technology News Service, Instagram will soon test a new feature called Take a Break on this social network. The purpose of creating this feature is to encourage users to be less present in this social network. With this feature, users create a little interruption between their uses.

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Adam Mosseri, Instagram manager, announced the trial phase of this feature and said: this feature will probably be activated for all users from December. Earlier, the news of launching this feature was published in a video on Instagram and Twitter. Given that the social network has already made every effort to ensure an endless and unavoidable cycle of published content, this feature is exactly the opposite of the platform's policies.

Previously, Instagram had a development team to create a social network for children, which provoked a lot of critical reactions. Because the purpose of creating this social network was to engage children from an early age with this platform.

The Take a Break feature regularly sends notifications to users when using Instagram to distance themselves from the app. Of course, these notifications will not be imposed, and this option will probably be added to the settings of the new version.