The Reddit and TikTok competition begins with the purchase of its dubsmash platform

The Reddit and TikTok competition begins with the purchase of its dubsmash platform

To compete with TikTok, Reddit will need more video editing tools, and by purchasing its dubbing, it can further enhance the user experience. Reddit currently has 52 million daily users.

About three days ago, Reddit announced that by purchasing its dubsem, it will be possible for users to produce video content or produce short videos such as TikTok. Of course, the purchase price of Dubsmash has not been announced, but Reddit has announced about the contract on its main website. Dubsmash is set to help Reddit enhance the experience of video content producers. In this way, Dubsmsh can also maintain its platform and brand.

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Support for videos uploaded to Reddit began in 2017, and since then users have shared more textual content on the platform. Also, most of the videos uploaded to Reddit were produced through other platforms and were only published on Reddit.

"We have realized for years the role of video in interactions and communication between communities, as well as creativity," said Suchit Dash, president and founder of Dubsmsh. From now on, we will continue our role to provide better video products for Reddit users.

According to reports, the market share of Reddit short videos is much smaller than TikTok, and in the case of dubsmash users, about 30% of users use this platform to produce video content. Reddit also cited the diversity of users, including African and Latin American users, as the reason for buying his dubsmash. About 25 percent of Dobsmash users are African American youth and 70 percent are women.