Twitter awards $ 3,500 prize for detecting \\

Twitter awards $ 3,500 prize for detecting \\

Twitter announced on Friday (July 30th) that it would reward hackers and programmers with up to $ 3,500 for biasing algorithms on the social network.

The decision comes after a number of researchers found that the Twitter algorithm ignored black people in a number of tweets.

The new Twitter statement is part of a broader effort in the field of new technologies aimed at ensuring the ethical applications of artificial intelligence. Twitter said on its official blog that the contest was aimed at identifying "potential vulnerabilities in the algorithms used, beyond what we have already identified."

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The use of artificial intelligence-based algorithms to improve the functioning of social networks is a common method, however, because automated machine learning always has a percentage of unwanted bias, there are drawbacks that are not necessarily the desire of the managers of these companies.

The current problem with the algorithm became apparent when a Twitter user realized that if he posted a large image of a black man at the top and a white man at the bottom on his account, Twitter would automatically prioritize the white man in a small preview of the image. . Even when the order of these two photos was changed, the white man was preferred again. This reinforced the hypothesis that the intelligent algorithm favors light-skinned people.

Last May, the results of a study on the performance of the automated machine learning system showed that Twitter was 4% in favor of whites and 8% in favor of women.

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With the public release of the computer code of its algorithm, Twitter has asked all interested parties to find out how these codes can be optimized and to prevent defects such as stereotypes or judgments based on ethnic and racial group.

Roman Chouhdari, director of the Twitter machine learning ethics team, tweeted that the company is holding the contest and awarding the winners because he believes "people should be rewarded for identifying these issues and we can not solve these challenges alone." »

Winners will receive cash prizes of between $ 500 and $ 3,500 and will be invited to present their work on August 8 at a workshop on the sidelines of the DEF CON, the largest annual hacker conference in Las Vegas, USA.