Twitter users can not post pictures of people without their consent

Twitter users can not post pictures of people without their consent

Twitter has enacted a new law to prevent sharing without the consent of individuals' private pictures.

According to the technology news service of YouWinFame, after changing its CEO, Twitter has introduced a new law for publishing pictures of people, in which non-celebrities can delete the published photos and videos about themselves from now on.

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According to the announcement published by this platform, if images and videos related to unknown people are published without their consent, Twitter can delete the content related to them at the request of these people. Of course, this law will not apply to celebrities or public content.

According to Twitter, the platform's effort is always in the field of content that is published. Therefore, only then can images and videos remain on this platform. There has always been a discussion about the publication of images and videos by users on this social network.

Twitter has previously banned users from posting information such as phone numbers or addresses. Concerns about the misuse of this content to reveal the identity of individuals have already increased. According to Twitter, this content puts more pressure and threats on women, activists of minority groups and minorities. The new Twitter rule can now be considered a positive development. But there is a possibility of complications in the future without any specific explanation from this platform. Twitter, like other social networks, has faced the problem of spreading misinformation as well as spreading hatred.