Unique techniques for Instagram SEO

Unique techniques for Instagram SEO

The search feature for keywords has been added to Instagram for some time. In this article, we will introduce you to Instagram SEO and tell you how you should optimize your page according to keywords so that your page will rise in the results of Instagram search. So join us.

In November 2020, the search method on Instagram underwent fundamental changes. Prior to these changes, users were only able to search for profiles, hashtags, and locations. But then the ability to search for keywords was added to the users' options.

By searching for each keyword, you will now see posts that contain that keyword. Adding the ability to search for keywords on Instagram has two meanings:

  • First, the Instagram algorithm has changed.
  • Another thing is that in order to see and promote your page and generally attract more followers, you should prioritize Instagram SEO.

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Before we talk more about Instagram SEO and its related tips and tricks, you need to know what SEO means in the first place and exactly what it refers to. Is it similar to Google SEO or search engine optimization? We will say further.

What is the meaning of Instagram SEO?
Instagram SEO means optimizing posts and content in this application according to the most searched keywords. If you optimize the content and posts in a correct and principled way by knowing the Instagram algorithm, the user will be directed to your posts after searching for keywords.

In this way, your posts will be visited more, you will receive more likes, and as a result, the number of your followers will increase, and the audience will be attracted to your Instagram profile organically and naturally.

Instagram SEO is very similar to Google SEO, but not exactly like it. In fact, you should not think that using the same techniques that are used in content optimization for Google algorithm, you can achieve the desired result on Instagram.

Content and post optimization according to the most searched keywords on Instagram is a little different from Google SEO, and to get acquainted with it properly and in principle, you need to have more information.

In the following, we will talk more about this issue and by introducing the steps of Instagram SEO page, we will tell tips and recommendations with the help of which you can do Instagram SEO in the best possible way and increase the number of followers.

Instagram SEO page steps
In order to be able to do Instagram SEO correctly and in a principled way and optimize Instagram posts and content according to the most searched keywords, you will need to follow the following steps:

  1. Identify the most searched words on Instagram or the same keywords on Instagram
  2. Review of Key Performance Indicators (KPI)
  3. Profile optimization (username and bio)
  4. Post description optimization (captions and hashtags)
  5. Use alternative text for images

In the following, we will tell you how you can optimize your posts and profiles on Instagram according to the most searched keywords in this application by following these steps. Steps that will also help you to increase sales on Instagram.

Identify the most searched words on Instagram
What are the words or phrases that you want users to search for in your Instagram profile and posts?

The first and most important thing to do in Instagram SEO is to answer this question. You should not make the slightest change to profiles or posts until you have identified the keywords and phrases you want.

There are several tools available that you can use to find keywords and searches on Instagram. Here are some of them:

The words and phrases that Google users search for are not necessarily the same as the search terms on Instagram. So keep in mind that identifying keywords on Instagram requires separate research.
The keywords you choose for your page should be related to the services and products you offer as well as your brand name. For example, if you have a stock training page, one of your keywords that you should use a lot is "forex training".
Also, if your brand name is youwinfame, for example, another of your keywords should be your brand name.

Distinguish between keywords and trailing keywords

In Instagram SEO, to identify keywords, you must distinguish between head terms and long-tail keywords, and pay attention to this important point.

The main terms are more searchable and more general. "Gardening", for example, could be one of the main terms.
Comet keywords are less sought after and are not as common as keywords. "Gardening ideas" is an example of trailing keywords.
If you want to increase inbound traffic to your profile, you need to focus on the key terms. If you are planning to increase your conversion rate (converting visitors to customers) and this is more important to you, it is better to focus on trailing keywords.

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What is Analytics in Insta? Key Performance Indicators (KPI)
Examining key performance indicators (KPIs) is another important thing you should do before optimizing your profile text or content for Instagram SEO.

But what is meant by a key performance indicator?

How do you want to know the results and results of activities related to Instagram SEO and know how effective each of the things you have done? Assessing key performance indicators will help you find the answer to this question.

By doing this, you can be aware of the impact of activities on Instagram SEO. With its help you will know which optimizations have been effective and which have not.

To check the key performance indicators, you should use one of the analytics tools in Insta. With the help of analytics tools, you can check and monitor various key performance indicators.

Indicators like what you can see below:

Profile views
Number of followers
Number of clicks on the website link
And …

Profile optimization (username and bio)
So far, you have done two important and basic things related to Instagram SEO:

Identify popular search keywords on Instagram
Tracking and reviewing key performance indicators
Then it's time to optimize profiles (usernames and bios) and Instagram posts. First we will talk about profile optimization.

Optimizing the text of username and bio sections in Instagram SEO is very important, and if you do it well, a lot of traffic will enter your profile.

It's not too complicated, you just have to use the keywords that you think are more valuable and the most searched for in these two parts effectively.

Field of work, specialization and interests determine the keywords used in these two parts. For example, if you work in the field of site design, you must use keywords and search in this area in username and bio.

Words and phrases like "buy instagram likes", or "website seo".

There are some businesses that have a well-established name and have been operating under the same specific name for their company and business for years.

For these people, the question may be, how should they use keywords when their business name is clear?

Fortunately, Instagram has two separate sections for username and business name, and these two are distinct from each other. These businesses can use the keywords in the username field.

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In the bio section, too, keywords and key terms related to business and interests should be used. In addition, if there was a word or phrase that you could not use in the username, you can include it in the bio and write it.

Post description optimization (captions and hashtags)
Once you have used your main keywords and phrases in usernames and bios, you should move on to optimizing the descriptions of your posts, which is another important task for Instagram SEO.

Descriptions, captions and hashtags that you can add to your Instagram post.

By writing a caption about the image and the post you have posted, you will give more details to the visitor and allow him to establish a better and deeper semantic connection with the image you have posted and to know more about it.

It is better that the caption you write has a descriptive form and at the same time it uses the main keywords.

If you can also use keywords to write a hashtag, it will play an important role in Instagram SEO and users will be more likely to be directed to your posts. Another thing you can do is use auxiliary or sub-keywords to write hashtags.

Impact of save posts on Instagram
In addition to what has been said about optimizing post descriptions, there is another related point that is worth considering. It is possible that in the not too distant future, Instagram will completely eliminate the ability to like Instagram posts.

In that case, saving posts on Instagram will be the first alternative to liking, and in order to find more contacts and followers, you should leave good and quality posts that encourage visitors to save them.

You can get help from the following tips to post better and higher quality posts:

  • Design images in the form of infographics
  • Write a good and valuable description in the caption of the images
  • Seek the opinion and feedback of the audience and followers to design better and higher quality posts
  • Use readable and meaningful quotes

With the help of recommendations such as what has been said, the possibility of saving posts on Instagram will increase, which seems to play an important role in the Instagram algorithm in the future, increasing visits and attracting followers.

Use alternative text for images
In SEO, the use of alternative text (alt text) for content images is common. With the help of this feature, they optimize the content according to the keywords.

The same can be done with Instagram SEO. Once you've added an image and been redirected to the caption page, select "Advanced Settings" at the bottom of the page. Choose "Accessibility" from the new options that open for you and add alternative text to the image.

Be sure to use keywords that are relevant to your work in this text. By implementing this recommendation, your posts will be more likely to be seen and you will find a better situation according to Instagram SEO.

Tips to increase visits and improve profile status

Optimizing your profile according to Instagram SEO and following the steps described will help you find more visitors and followers over time and your posts will be exposed to more users of this application.

In addition to what has been said, there is another solution that helps you to be seen more and have an easier job to attract the audience and followers.

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Introducing Instagram page to Google is a solution that we will talk a little about in this final part of the article; A solution that, along with paying attention to Instagram SEO, will help a lot to raise your name and your business in this application.

How to register an Instagram page in Google and basically why it is recommended to use this solution? We will say further.

Introducing Instagram page to Google
Due to certain restrictions and coding related to Instagram and Google, it is very unlikely that Instagram accounts will normally appear in Google search results.

Instagram does not allow Google to index images. But the profiles themselves can be indexed; It is difficult, but not impossible.

To introduce your Instagram page to Google, you must first make sure that your account or profile is in public mode. In the sense that it is shown to everyone and there is no limit in this regard.

Of course, Instagram profiles are on public mode by default, but it's not bad at all if you check and make sure the profile is on this mode; Because it is very important.

Then we come to optimizing the text and content of profiles and posts using the most searched keywords, which was talked about enough in the SEO steps section of Instagram.

The more and better you use keywords and improve the SEO status of Instagram, the better your status will be in Google SEO and the more likely it is that your profile will be displayed in search results with this search engine.

The last solution you can use to introduce your Instagram page to Google is to use schema markup. In the following, we will provide you with a brief explanation about this.

Concluding remarks

what is your opinion? How familiar are you with Instagram SEO and profile and post optimization based on the most searched keywords? What do you think are the most important ways to improve your profile with regard to Instagram SEO?

Do you have a suggestion or point that you can add to the number of things said? If you wish, you can share your opinions and experiences with us and our readers in the "Post a Comment" section.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the meaning of Instagram SEO?
Talk of Instagram SEO started when the users of this application were able to search for keywords in it. Instagram SEO also means optimizing profiles and posts based on these highly searched keywords.

What are the most important steps of an Instagram SEO page?
Identifying the most searched words on Instagram and examining or measuring key performance indicators are two important and basic steps in Instagram SEO. Once the keywords have been identified and a solution for measuring the performance of the activities has been considered, we can move on to optimizing the profiles and posts according to the keywords.

In addition to doing SEO on Instagram, is it possible to use another solution to increase followers and improve the status of the page or profile?
Yes, introducing Instagram page to Google is another solution that can be used for this purpose.