User verification is effective in combating incorrect information entry

User verification is effective in combating incorrect information entry

A recent study of Weibo social network users shows that verifying users' identities on social networks may be effective in correcting incorrect information.

A new study by researchers has also been published in the Journal of Management Information Systems, according to the YouWinFame Technology News Service. The study found that users who were able to obtain approval from social networks such as Blue Tick had less responsibility for publishing incorrect political and social information on these networks. This indicates that the approval mark in this account User accounts will have the opposite effect.

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During the study, it was found that the verification of users in various media provokes these users to controversial unreal and fake news. And the quality of the published news will no longer be important to the user. However, there is no inclination towards such news before receiving identification.

According to a report by Gizmodo, the study's researchers, from New York City University and Temple and Houston, first looked at the issue of user verification and willingness to submit visible content. In the middle of the study, they found that the blue tick mark in this study produces a different result.

The blue tick or the confirmation mark indicates that the person has set up his account and is working on it. "Fake news has become a matter of life and death," said researcher Milton F. of the Fox College. In a way that has destroyed mutual respect and trust. At the same time, respect and trust are the main pillars in any society.