What is the ClubHouse app?

What is the ClubHouse app?

ClubHouse has become very popular among social media users these days, and for this reason, in this article, we want to introduce it in full. Be with YouWinFame.

What is the ClubHouse app?

Suppose you have an app on your phone that lets you listen to other people's live conversations (if they want to). These people can be famous or not, and you can join their conversations if you wish. This is a summary of the ClubHouse app. In this app, no one can share pictures and videos and only users can talk to each other.

Where can I get ClubHouse?

This app is currently only available for iOS.

How to enter the program?

To log in to this app, you must be invited by one of the users to be able to access its various features, and unlike other programs, you can not enter the program just by email and password. Each user can invite two more people as soon as they enter the app, and the more they use the app, the more this number will be. So to use the app, ask your friends for the right subscription.

Is this app available for iPad?

Yes, but it is not fully optimized for iPad OS and you have to endure the small window of this program.

Why is this app not available for Android?

The Android version of the app is apparently under development, but the developers are in no hurry to release it as there are more Android users than iPhone owners, and the app's servers may not have the traction to log in. So the developers plan to expand the existing version of the program first. However, this program is reaching 3 million users, which is not a small number at all.

Is there a website for the app?

There is a website called Joinclubhouse.com which, of course, only displays a message asking you to use our app using an invitation. In fact, this website has no other features and directs you to use the application itself.

What information is required to register for the program?

You must provide the application with a phone number and a name (which may not be real) and also choose a username. The person inviting you to the program should only have your contact number. The link to enter the program will be sent to you via SMS.

If you do not want to create a user profile from scratch, all you have to do is connect your Twitter account to the app to use your Twitter photo for the app. It also asks you to access your contact list but you can not allow it and there is no problem with that. Once you have logged in, you will need to confirm your account via email, and that 's it.

Why did this app suddenly became famous?

The Club House app was released in March 2020, coinciding with the outbreak of the Corona virus, and received a great deal of attention due to its special invitation approach. Interestingly, with only 1,500 users, this app found a value of

$100 million among shareholders. The value of this app is very, very high now.

What do you hear in the clubhouse?

Once you've created your account, you'll see a long list of conversations from sports to technology, each of which you can follow. The more programs you attend, the more subjects you will be offered.

Are conversations saved forever?

No. Conversations will only be available when someone starts them, and no one will have access to them after the session.

How many people can be present in a conversation?

Currently, there is a limit of 5,000 people per conversation.

What exactly do conversations mean? Are they the same podcast?

Because everyone in a conversation can talk without meeting each other, these sessions are more like podcasts than listening to a group voice call. No editing, sound effects, ads or anything like that are present in these sessions. Different sessions can be like a friendly conversation or a presenter decides to produce a live audio program. In general, the variety of sessions is the most important feature of the Club House program, even some of the sessions play music, which is very interesting.

So you can only listen to conversations?

No, because you can raise your hand with the button next to the conversation and then the host can give you access to the microphone.

The difference between this app and Zoom?

Zoom conversations are not available to the public and you must get permission to access them from the host. However, you can easily enter any conversation in the Club House app. Other than that, if you close the zoom videos, you will encounter exactly the same group conversations as Club House.

Who is ClubHouse best suited for?

Currently, club houses are more suitable for those who are interested in group and sometimes one-sided conversations. This app can be very entertaining and become one of the most widely used app installed on your phone, especially when the corona virus and quarantine are spreading.

Do celebrities use the ClubHouse app?

Yes, people like Drake, Kevin Hart, Tiffany Haddish and many other celebrities use this app. Haddish was actually the first person to reach 1 million followers in the clubhouse.

Can the features of this program be found in other programs?

Certainly with the success of this app, other distributors of iPhone apps will also consider building such a social network. Twitter is building a project called Spaces, and Facebook will definitely add such a feature to its app. Instagram is also improving its Live Rooms feature. Keep in mind that the other apps mentioned are also available for Android.

Are third-party developers building new features for Clubhouse?

Yes, but since there is no API for Club House developers, it is difficult to install third-party add-ons on this program.

What are the negative features of ClubHouse?

This service is no longer available in China due to the great freedom of expression it gives users, so if you live in this country, you will not enjoy this program. A Chinese developer was also able to hack into the app's servers so that users could use ClubHouse without the need for an invitation.

In addition to these, security problems also plague the program as anyone may be able to record your conversations with different programs. Inc.com has also announced that the creators will have access to all your conversations.