Which is better, Spotify or Tidal? (Compare Spotify with Tidal)

Which is better, Spotify or Tidal? (Compare Spotify with Tidal)

What is Spotify?

Spotify is a music, podcast and video streaming service that was officially launched on October 7, 2008. Spotify was developed by start-up Spotify AB in Stockholm. Spotify fully protects the rights of the authors of the works of music, and with its advanced features, it makes it possible to hear and introduce the artists.

Spotify is a freemium service.

This means that the basic features are free and in return the service will come with ads. Additional features include better playback quality and offline music downloads for a monthly / annual subscription fee.

Spotify is available for most modern platforms, including Windows PCs, Mac OS X, and Linux PCs, as well as iOS and Android smartphones and tablets.

Music can be browsed or searched through various parameters such as artist name, album, genre, playlist or publisher.

Users can create, edit and share playlists. They can also share the tracks on social media and create playlists with other users.

Spotify provides access to more than 30 million songs. As of June 2016, Spotify has 100 million monthly active users and as of March 2017, 50 million subscribers.

Why should I use Spotify?

Maybe the first days I got acquainted with this service (goes back 5 or 6 years ago), this question was also asked for me. But gradually I realized that the only way to enjoy music for a long time is this cute green Spotify.

  • The Spotify database is very complete. Not only about tracks and albums, but also about playlists, etc.
  • High quality music playback
  • Ability to create different playlists with different personalizations
  • Ability to subscribe to other playlists
  • Ability to jointly manage playlists by multiple users (Collaborate)
  • Ability to watch music that your friends are listening to (in an instant)
  • Ability to easily share in-app and out-of-app (eg social networks) easily! (Universal Links)
  • Ability to listen to music offline (with premium or monthly / annual subscription)
  • Prepare custom playlists for you with the advanced Spotify machine learning algorithm (Discover Weekly, Release Radar and Your Daily Mix)
  • Can be used on any platform you like (mobile, tablet, computer and even the web!)
  • Introducing various playlists by the program itself on a regular basis at different times of the day
    You do not need special and high speed internet to use it. Its algorithm is designed to play music at low speeds.

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What makes me not use Spotify?

  • You need the Internet to use it.
  • Listening to music offline requires a fee ($ 10 per month)

What is Tidal?

Tidal is a current music media and podcast, you can use the Tidal music service to access the latest music of the day.

Tidal Music Service is currently one of the best music services and one of the advantages of this service over Spotify is the large archive of music videos of world famous singers.

TIDAL High Fidelity Music Streaming is an online music streaming service like Spotify that allows you to access new music and music videos from around the world with the highest possible quality. People who are interested in the field of music spend a lot of time to find their favorite songs and are always looking for a complete guide in this field. Tidal app is a great reference for finding music and music videos that you can use to access a very large archive and even use the app on Android smart TVs.

Why should we choose Tidal?

  • Highest quality: With HiFi subscription you can enjoy the highest possible playback quality (1411kbps).
  • With HiFi design, you can access all archives of Tidal songs and music videos without restrictions and ads.
  • The advantage of HiFi design over Premium is the possibility of streaming songs with very high quality.
  • In Premium design, you can play songs in High quality (320 kbps quality).
  • Offline use: Enjoy hours of listening to music with a special HiFi subscription without the need for internet and without any restrictions.
  • Music Without Borders: Access to more than 40 million music and 130,000 music videos from artists around the world.

The difference between Spotify Premium and Tidal subscription

Spotify is the best music streaming service today for a variety of reasons. This service has various applications for Mac, Android, iOS and Windows. The service has a large music catalog containing 35 million songs. A service that is masterful in offering similar music. Free Premium Spotify will only support 5 songs, if this is not the case with Premium Account, it will do so without any restrictions. Download music to your device, and then use the music player on your device when you are disconnected from your Wi-Fi or telecommunications network.

You can access the latest music in the world by using Tidal subscription. Tidal Music Service is currently one of the best music services and one of the advantages of this service over Spotify is the large archive of music videos of world famous singers.

As mentioned, TIDAL High Fidelity Music Streaming is an excellent and practical tool that you can use to listen to the latest music in the world. It is also possible to use the program offline, and you can see the items that you have already received. In another part of the program, you can view and read various news and articles in the field of music. You can add your favorite songs to your favorites list and always have them available.

Which is better, Spotify or Tidal?

It is difficult for anyone to choose between the two; Overall, Tidal was launched to compete with Spotify, offering unique capabilities such as high-quality streaming (HiFi), more than 130,000 music videos, and access to the latest singers and music industry news to a strong and capable competitor. Respect turned to Spotify.

On the other hand, Spotify started 6 years earlier than Tidal, and the high level of popularity and variety in the services provided are the positive points of this service.

In the end, there are no major differences between the two services, and the choice is more a matter of personal taste and opinion. Tidal and Spotify are both great for experiencing music.

Spotify and Tidal are services that have a variety of capabilities, and each of them may perform better than its competitor in different areas. Therefore, we can not determine the final winner of the competition in general. Both services are excellent in the field of music streaming. Which one is better for you will ultimately depend on your needs. Also, the various capabilities offered by the two services can determine which one is more valuable.

Keep in mind that Spotify, unlike Tidal, has free versions. Spotify also uses a wider variety of playlists, is slightly better at discovering new music, and has more social-centric capabilities than Tidal. Spotify offers a wide variety of podcasts in a variety of genres as well as hours of entertainment. Spotify and Tidal services are synced with Wise; But only Spotify supports Google Maps. In the meantime, we should also mention the interesting feature of Crossfade. If all of the above or most of them are important to you, Spotify is a better option.

Tidal, on the other hand, hosts thousands of music-based music videos and documentaries, and even hosts live concerts; As mentioned, some of this video content is exclusively available to Tidal and can only be found on this service. If you can afford high-end headphones and cope with HiFi plans, Tidal offers much better sound quality than Spotify. The Tidal user interface is also more attractive. Finally, we should not forget the interesting features of Tidal Rising and Tidal X. If you pay more attention to the criteria we have discussed in this paragraph, Tidal will naturally be a more logical option for you.