Why Spotify is the best music service in the world?

Why Spotify is the best music service in the world?

What is Spotify?

Spotify is a music streaming service that lets you access millions of songs, podcasts and videos by artists around the world. The reason for Spotify's appeal to contacts is that you can only use Spotify for free by creating an account via email or connecting via Facebook.

Spotify has other features for its fans, which of course are expensive. If you do not want to use Spotify's special service and you prefer to just listen to free music or just want to try Spotify, you should know that working with Spotify is very simple and does not require any commitment or expense on your part.

But it is good to know that the free version of Spotify, just like a radio, is sponsored by commercials. You can access Spotify from your PC, laptop and mobile phone, but to take full advantage of it, you need to use a special version of Spotify, which is not free. In this article, we try to get more familiar with Spotify and its structure. Stay with us.

How does Spotify work?

Listening to music through Spotify is easy:

  1. First you need to go to Spotify website and create an account. We recommend that you log in to your Facebook account if you have a Facebook account, as this way you can keep in touch with your friends and find out what they are listening to and share your favorite songs.
  2. Select a subscription level. We recommend that you choose the special version of Spotify (Premium), because with this version you can access more features. In addition, this version is more flexible and you can use it through more devices.

    3. Download and install the free Spotify app. There are versions for desktop, iPhone / iPad and Android phones.

    4. Sign in to your account and listen to music through these devices.

    Setting up Spotify is easy, but once you get into it you will find more features and the more you listen to music, the smarter you will become.

Can music be downloaded via Spotify?
The answer to this question is both yes and no. In the special version of Spotify, you can listen to the desired music offline, but this is different from downloading music in the usual sense. For example, you can't fool Spotify, download an album, and then unsubscribe. You also cannot download music tracks to copy to a CD or other device. In fact, listening to music offline means that you can listen to it again when you do not have internet access, such as when you are traveling.
With the special version of Spotify, you can listen to up to 3,333 songs offline on three different devices. Of course, saving songs and albums via Spotify is also easy.
Just click on the save option on the song or album you like to listen to offline and download it. Another way is to first click on the three dots next to the song and then click Save to Your Music.
How much internet does Spotify use?
The answer to this question depends on the quality you choose. We will tell you below how much internet consumes listening to music through Spotify:
When the quality of the played music is normal, one hour of music will consume about 50 MB; With normal quality, you can listen to music 24 hours a day, in which case 1 GB of your internet will be consumed; By choosing high quality, you can listen to less than 15 hours of music with 1 GB; With very high quality you can listen to seven hours of music and 1 GB of internet will be consumed; And finally, with video streaming, you will definitely use more internet. Of course, you can check and change the playback and download of songs using the mobile data in your device settings.
High quality audio player

You can listen to music by selecting one of three Spotify quality levels. All music is played in Ogg Vorbis format and the bit rate of each quality level is as follows:

Normal quality 64 kbps;
High quality 160 kbps;
Very high quality 320 KB per second.
The level of quality you use depends on your preference and which internet volume you choose to consume, but it is good to know that very high quality is only available to Spotify premium users.

How to find your friends on Spotify?

If you log in to Spotify via Facebook, you will easily be able to make friends and know what music others are listening to. The activity feed is located on the right side of the desktop software, and you can use it to find out and comment on the music your friends are listening to.

You can also use the Spotify app search to find friends. Below the activity feed is a "Find Friends" button that lets you make new friends or artists.

If you do not have Facebook or do not want to log in to Spotify via Facebook, you can still make friends, but this process can be a bit more difficult in some cases.

As Spotify himself says, the best way to find and follow a friend is to use the search box in this format: Spotify: user: USERNAME. Just type your friend's name instead of USERNAME. If you can not find your friend, ask him / her to copy your profile link directly from the profile page and send it to you. Ask him out well if he is no longer absorbed in the connection. Ask him out well if he is no longer absorbed in the connection. If he created a playlist, his username is listed in the URL as a number. You can use this number to find him or click on his name in the playlist and follow him.

Spotify playlists, radio and discover new music

Making a playlist is very easy. Just right-click on a song and click Add to Playlist or the three dots next to the song in the app. Add your favorite songs to the playlist and enjoy them. When you do, you will soon be following your friend's playlists. There is also Smart Spotify; The more you listen to music, the better it will know your taste and the more music it will offer you in the future. When you enter the Discover section of Spotify app, you will see that several music tracks have been offered to you based on the tracks you have recently listened to. These suggestions are music whose music is similar to the music of the artists you listen to the most.

Another feature of Spotify is Discover Weekly; This playlist is automatically updated every Monday by Spotify and contains a number of songs based on music you have recently listened to.

Release Radar is also a selection of new pieces by the artists you follow. It is good to know that if you follow your favorite musicians, you will be notified when new songs are released. When listening to music on your mobile, there is a selection of other playlists in your music archive called ‌Your Daily Mixes.. These are daily composite polystyrene, such as Discover Weekly; The difference is that there is more and more variety in the music.

To discover new music, click on the three-point menu, select Go to Playlist Radio to be automatically taken to the radio station that plays a selection of music based on the contents of the original playlist. You can also use this logic in relation to certain musicians and artists, using artist radio or song radio. These are good ways to discover new music and they are similar to your musical taste. In addition, they provide you with music that you have never heard before.

Ability to connect to Spotify Bluetooth

One of the most obvious advantages of Spotify is that if you use Spotify on your phone, you can connect to a variety of Bluetooth devices and stream your content through it. These devices can include a home audio receiver, car audio player, Bluetooth headphones, or speakers attached to the device. You can also use Spotify Connect through a special version of Spotify.

What is Spotify Connect?

Spotify Connect lets you listen to music from a variety of Wi-Fi-connected devices. This is great because you can listen to music in more places with more devices. You can also control the music playing on your Spotify account. For example, if you play music through speakers connected to your phone, you can use your phone as a remote control to increase or decrease the volume, change tracks, or create a playlist for your party while listening to music.

What are Spotify codes?

Spotify codes are a feature that allows users to easily share music with friends and family. You can use Spotify code for a song, album or playlist, then scan the code and share it with your device, allowing friends and family to enjoy the music.

Spotify codes work on iPhones and Android devices. To use them, just click on the three-dot button (`…`) next to the piece of music you want to share. You will then see a pop-up with an album, track or playlist with the code below. Click on that code to zoom in and others can scan the code.

On other devices, click Search and find the camera button at the top right, then scan the code. Anyone can use Spotify code; So look for the codes of your favorite bands and artists and share them.

How to delete Spotify account?

If you have decided not to use Spotify anymore, you can delete your account. Of course, it is good to know that you can go from the special version to the free version. So if you are worried about financial issues, we recommend that you just go for the free version. But if you do not want to use Spotify at all, follow these steps to delete your account:

First, log in to the Spotify website support page to see how to close your account;
Log in to your Spotify account;
Click on this link to delete your account.
If you could not close your account, you can use the following method: ‌

Log in and go directly to the support page;
Select the account as the category;
Select the phrase "I want to close my Spotify account permanently";
Then click to delete your account or unsubscribe.