YouTube has deleted more than 500,000 videos containing incorrect information about the Corona virus

YouTube has deleted more than 500,000 videos containing incorrect information about the Corona virus

YouTube CEO Susan Wiskey says the social network has deleted more than half a million videos containing false information about the Corona virus since February 2020. According to the CNET news agency, Google's large video-centric service, which operates under the auspices of Google, is seriously cracking down on videos that contain misinformation about how to treat and prevent Covid 19.

Last October, YouTube updated its policies page to explicitly say that videos containing incorrect information about coronavirus vaccination will also be removed. YouTube said it generally seeks to remove videos that contradict verified information from the World Health Organization (WHO) or local health officials. YouTube explicitly says it removes videos from its platform that say the corona vaccine adds microchips to people's bodies or makes them infertile.

Susan Wojcicki sends out a quarterly newsletter to the YouTube community. In the latest letter sent, Wojciech says YouTube has a responsibility to continue to take a responsible approach so that people have access to quality information when they visit YouTube. The CEO of YouTube stated that this video-centric platform always strives to strike the right balance between responsibility and open policies, while following the guidelines set by governments around the world.

The Wojcicki's letter comes as large companies in Silicon Valley have recently come under government scrutiny for spreading misinformation on their social platforms; Of course, these platforms have also taken various actions. For example, following the attack on the Capitol congressional building, YouTube announced that it was deleting videos alleging fraud in the US election. Earlier this month, YouTube suspended the account of former US President Donald Trump for violating the law.

Legislators have long been pressuring big tech companies to stop spreading false news about the Covid 19 vaccine. In 2019, a California Democrat in the US House of Representatives sent an open letter to Google CEO Sundar Pichai urging him to address the issue of anti-vaccine content on Google-managed platforms as soon as possible.

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In a recent letter to YouTube users, Wojcicki cited the effects of the corona virus on YouTube. The CEO of YouTube, says that in the first quarter of last year, the video watching time on this platform has increased by 25% globally. The first quarter of 2020 was the period when the first quarantine period began. According to Susan Wojcicki, more than half a million YouTube channels tested live streaming for the first time last year. According to Vijsky, the rise of the corona virus has accelerated our digital lives.

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The CEO of YouTube says that video content creators use YouTube more than ever to make money. Apparently in 2020, the number of channels added to the YouTube Partner Program doubled annually. YouTube Partner Program allows channel owners to monetize video ads. According to Wiskey, YouTube has paid more than $ 30 billion over the past three years to video creators, artists and multimedia content companies.